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Developer Consultant


We are looking for an experienced web developer to join our team in Boston as we work collaboratively with our client partners on strategy and vision, design awesome modern user experiences, and develop and deliver high quality products. We make an effort to keep current with the ever-changing landscape of tools and techniques in our industry and are looking for like-minded candidates.


An ideal candidate builds systems in a collaborative way, practices test-driven development, knows git inside and out, and has read the DevOps Handbook.

You should have experience with React, Ember, or other modern frontend frameworks, and with building APIs using Node, Ruby, Elixir, or other prominent server technologies. We are constantly evaluating and trying out languages and technology, and knowing things like Go, Haskell, Elm, or Lua is a bonus. We also love stitching together operations as part of our work, knowing things like Docker, AWS, Azure, and other cloud PaaS is also a bonus.

Roughly half of our work is helping our clients design and develop new and innovative products in health IT. Having a background or experience in health IT or bioinformatics is a bonus.


We pair-program, internally and with our client partners. Candidates would have to be in the Boston area and able to commute to our downtown office to work. There is likely some amount of travel. We offer competitive salary, a superb self-directed 401K plan, 100% coverage of health insurance premium, free MBTA transit pass, annual professional development and conference budget, and other perks.

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