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Head of Engineering (Startup backed by Fortune 100)

sailteam.io is looking for a Head of Engineering to lead a software engineering team for a high-tech insurance startup that’s currently in stealth mode and backed by a Fortune 100 company. Our client has built a greenfield SaaS platform that accelerates critical functions of the insurance business while eliminating the inefficiency of the industry’s outdated systems.

As the Head of Engineering, you will be charged with leading a high-velocity development shop that can continuously ship robust and scalable features to end users.

You will be expected to:

  • Work closely with the Product Team to design and deliver the product roadmap
  • Manage the engineering team by recruiting and mentoring world-class talent
  • Architect substantive components of cloud native applications on major hosting platforms
  • Evaluate new technologies and choose the right tools for the job
  • Leverage automation and testing to ensure consistent, high-quality releases

This role requires a well-rounded engineer with proven experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Modern programming languages, databases, hosting environments, and architectures
  • Architecting, implementing, and maintaining cloud native applications at scale
  • Developing dynamic UIs with modern javascript frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue
  • Communicating effectively at all levels of the business
  • Automating build-test-deploy pipelines for continuous delivery

Finally, startup experience is a must for this position.

How to apply

Apply through Stack Overflow

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