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UI Engineer

🏢 PayBear 🌎 Remote 🕑 March 03

This job offer is expired

- A deep understanding of CSS including box model, flexbox, grid. and responsive design
- A solid command of semantic and accessible HTML
- A designer’s mind. You think like a designer and know why a design works and why it doesn’t.
- Experience writing performant React, and Redux
- Experience building feature rich JavaScript apps
- Extreme attention to detail. You’re able to code up a designer’s mockup while paying close attention to spacing, colors, sizes, etc without getting complaints from designers!
- Git/Github experience
- Terminal/command line experience
- Bonus: React Native experience
- Bonus: Blockchain experience
- Bonus: animation/motion experience

- Build, maintain, and support React based apps
- Write production-ready supportable code
- Self-test your code in major browsers and mobile devices
- Partner with our backend team to plan how client applications will consume data from our backend APIs

- You’ll be embedded in the design team, and a member of the development team that embraces collaborative working
- You’re self-disciplined and very comfortable working remotely and logging your hours via our activity tracking software.
- You’ll be building, testing, and helping deploy committed code.


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