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Ensembl Front-End Web Developer

European Bioinformatics Institute
🏢 European Bioinformatics Institute 🇬🇧 Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom 🕑 August 08

This job offer is expired

Ensembl seeks a front end web developer (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) to work on our next generation website. The Genomics Technology Infrastructure team, based at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), both designs and develops web-based data visualisations for genomic data. Ensembl, and its associated projects, are a suite of highly valued scientific resource that support biological research worldwide with millions of visitors per year.

You will be working within the Ensembl team, which is composed of over 70 people including web developers, designers, trainers, engineers, annotators and researchers to develop novel and scalable visualisations for genomic data using cutting edge web technology in a fast-moving domain. The Ensembl platform provides access to over 40,000 genomes served from one of the world's largest computer resources for genomic analysis. We develop open source software which, along with our data, is available to all without restriction. Thousands of scientists worldwide depend on access to these data and software to aid their research and push our understanding of the genome. Genomics is one of the fastest growing areas of science with the ability to deliver advances in human health, food security and in an aging population.

You will become part of the Ensembl Front-End web development team and participate on our project to build a next-generation website for genome data. Their responsibilities would include: 

  • Working to create our next-generation website including a new client-side genome browser
  • Developing novel visualisations for genomic data
  • Working closely with our in-house designer to define and implement visualisations

  • Collaboration with our outreach team to engage in user interviews and user centric design during the design and implementation of the platform

  • Contributing to the service delivery of the Ensembl sites

  • Continuing development and maintenance of our existing website infrastructure

  • Working closely with other members of Ensembl front-end web development team, other teams in Ensembl, for example data production teams, and other groups across EMBL-EBI.

Qualifications and Experience

You will have a masters level qualification or similar practical experience in computer science, bioinformatics or related subjects and at least 2 years of experience developing web interfaces. You must be able to demonstrate this experience through examples of your work. Experience of working in a larger software development team with a shared code base is desirable.

A high-degree of self-motivation and the ability to work independently are required. You will have excellent English communication skills, written and verbal, both to facilitate effective communications with other team members and to communicate with external collaborators and users. You must also have an attention to detail, be capable of delivering to deadlines, be able to delegate and to prioritise tasks.

An applicant must have the following skills:

  • 2+ years of experience programming in JavaScript

  • 2+ years of experience of working in HTML and CSS3

  • 1+ years of working in the React web framework

  • Working knowledge of a scripting language such as Python, Perl, Ruby or PHP

  • Be able to use modern software development tools including Git and GitHub 

Any of the following skills would be desirable:

  • Experience of web UI development methodologies including using analytics, logs, speed regression testing and UX design methodologies.

  • Experience of agile development methods

  • The Linux command line and common Linux commands

Knowledge of biology/biochemistry/genomics would be advantageous but not essential.


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