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Insight Analytics + Web Developer

Vodafone London, United Kingdom July 31

This role is for an Analytics Implementation Specialist 

50% of role is to help and configure platform and work with developer teams to define data collections and data layers. Individuals need to have an understanding of how front end of websites work.  Also needs to understand java script or J query, web techs and basic use of web developer consult. The other 50% of the role is more standard analyst , using adobe analytics to build , create and maintain reports for senior stakeholders plus he should have experience in Tag Management tools

Your Role

• Manage our tagging strategy in order to track digital channels, generate further insight, improve data portability and minimise impact on site performance.• Improve data accuracy by regular audits and code validation.• Be aware of on emerging web measurement tools, strategies and trends and own existing and future relationships with web suppliers to manage deliverable and stay informed of new methodological changes that may impact our business.

Key Skills

  1. Adobe Analytics/Google Analytics
  2. Tealium /Adobe Dynamic Tag management/ Google Tag Manager
  3. Jquery
  4. Javascript
  5. React and Node
  6. Experience with code and APIs

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