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React Native & Rails Engineer

About Oji Card
10 billion business cards are printed every year (~27 million per day) at an average cost of $194 per year / per organization. Out of those 10 billion, 8 billion (~88%) will be trashed within one week of handing out.


Seems pretty stupid right? That's why we created Oji Card. Oji Card is a business card replacement. One that is digital, beautiful, networked, trackable and easily sharable.

What we're looking for?

High Level: You figure it out. You care about aesthetics and simplicity. You love executing, shipping product and having some fun.

Low Level: You will be our first technical hire. IE: Our Technical Co-Founder. You will be tasked with owning, scaling, securing and maintaining our entire tech stack! Some really fun stuff. You will work directly with the founder and CEO (me) on all technical aspects. Ideally, you would have senior level experience with Rails and React Native.

The app is currently a Rails 5 app with iOS Turbolinks Native Container. The first task at hand would be converting the iOS Turbolinks container to a React Native version that also is deployable to Android. From there, we will explore things like a native iMessage App, and more advanced backend tracking.

Current Stack: Ruby on Rails 5, Postgres, Turbolinks (iOS and Android Adapters) and Heroku.

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